Synopsis & Plot Summary of Term Life (2016):

Life is the most important thing for a man or woman. S/ he could do anything for saving the life and sometimes the activities take them to some dangerous situations. But when it is about to save the life of others, they also take risks to save the other lives. The movie – Term Life is such an exclusive movie which is based on the events of the life of a man who is wanted by everyone including the police to murderers. The movie plot tells about the pathetic conditions of the man. But the movie also has some comic elements which are highly interesting as well for the audience. They will laugh out loud when they will see the comical events. The most important message of this movie is that life is valuable and do not lead your life after your sweet wills. It may create dangerous situations for you and your family as it did in the life of the lead character and his daughter.

Bollywood Term Life (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Review: Usually the Hollywood comedies are the best one in the cinematic universe for their special making and movie plots. Besides, the movie makers are also careful about the issues of sending some message to the audience. Though most of the movies are about entertaining the audience and people, some of them also provide some serious messages in guise of the entertainment. The movies are not always compatible with the society or some of the audience may find such movies uninteresting. But the movie makers try to make the people aware about some issues which are crucial for the common people. When the audience ignore the issues, the movie cannot shine but if the movie makers could push the issues technically, the movie turns a huge success for all.

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Naming of the movie sometimes suggests many things and the movie makers try to pick a perfect name for the movie. Sometimes they are the key hints to get information about the movies. When the movie maker picks a name, s/ he tries to get the best name similar to the movie plot and becomes easier for the audience to comprehend the meaning. If we consider the name of this movie – Term Life, many inner issues will be cleared to us. The name is the best describer about the movie. Term Life is about a life that is living on some terms.

Term Life (2016) Movie Picture

The lead character of the movie is on different terms. He is escaping here and there to save his life. He tries to do something good but unfortunately everything goes wrong. His initiatives to do the good turns into bad and the people involved with the initiative are after him. They want him dead. Even the local police also want his elimination. He is in grave trouble. If he would not have taken the initiative, there would have no troubles at all. The people of the underground and the lawmen all are on the same view. They want his dead body and do not want to compromise about the issue.

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In such a situation, he tries to save himself and accordingly takes measures to alter the scenarios. But he is in great trouble with his daughter. He owns a life insurance policy and his daughter will be the beneficiary of the insurance. But there is a condition that he has to live longer or has to live by a certain time of life. If he dies before the date, hi daughter would not be able to receive the insurance benefits. So, he tires his best to live and do not get killed by the mob and police.

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The movie belongs to crime thriller genre and a black comedy has been attached with the genre to make it more attractive. Peter Billingsley directs the movie while the script for Term Life is composed by A J Lieberman. The movie underwent some troubles since its beginning and filming has been cancelled for some internal maladjustment among the movie makers and producing studios. The film was revived after about a month of the cancellation and filming began in full fledge from April of 2014. Filming of Term Life took place in Georgia. It is expected that the movie will be released on April 29 in 2016.

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Term Life (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: April 29, 2016 (USA)
Director: Peter Billingsley
Screenplay: A.J. Lieberman
Story by: Nick Thornborrow
Producers: Vince Vaughn, Victoria Vaughn, Micah Mason, Kevin Scott Frakes, Michael Luisi, Ankur Rungta


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