Synopsis & Plot Summary of Snowden (2016):

The security agencies of a state are engaged to protect the country with different ways. But not all the ways are legal or authorized and thus they are to make some confidential plans. Sometimes the plans include destruction of any establishments of any country, killing some influential peoples to gain benefits or plotting against any government to set the preferred government for ruling any territory and many other issues. So, the activities of the security agencies are not always preferred or pleasant. The movie Snowden is a political thriller which deals with the real life issues of Edward Snowden, a former computer official of National Security Agency (NSA) in the USA. He used to deal with technology for the NSA and thus he comes to know about many issues and plots which he leaked on an influential daily newspaper. As a result, the NSA was in deep trouble and its image was destroyed completely. The NSA thereby tried to arrest Edward Snowden but Snowden managed to escape the country and took a shelter in Russia. The movie is a biographical movie that deals with the issues which were supposed to be confidential. But when Snowden released the information with the help of a newspaper, the authority fell into a deep trouble with their image and accountability to the people.

Hollywood Movie Snowden (2016) Review & Storyline:

There are different types of movies found in the entertainment arena and the movie makers are on the view that the more they will emphasize on the movie making, the more they will get the success. So, the movie makers are on the way to invent some more genres so that they could make something better for the audiences. The movie – Snowden is an experimental movie based on a special genre. The movie is the combination of three different genres including biography, politics and thriller. So, the movie is termed as biographical political thriller movie and has been made on some real life events of a former NSA official. The movie is based on two books and some real life incidents that took place a couple of years back. The movie makers have made the movie based on the books and applied some of their own ideas to make it more thrilling to the audiences.

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The movie is plot of Snowden is unique but some of the parts are fictional. The movie makers have added the fictional elements so that the movie might not appear boring to the audiences. So, when the movie makers will enjoy the movie, they have to be amazed for the outstanding movie plot and especially the movie making process will amaze them. The performances of the casts are so natural that the audiences will not feel that they are enjoying a movie. Rather, they will believe that the events are happening in their real life and they are observing the events. Besides, the movie makers have not used too much technology on the movie as there are fewer elements to be made with the technological issues.

Snowden (2016)

The movie makers of Snowden also had to experience some difficulties in making the movie in the USA. The most important difficulty was they did not get any financer to finance the movie and thus the beginning of the project was difficult for the movie makers. Besides, majority of the movie studios declined to release the movie under their authority with the excuse of not being ready for the movie. Thereby, the movie makers had to seek fund in different other countries and finally they received the fund from Germany and France to make the movie. They also underwent some troubles regarding the filming of the movie. Filming in the USA was difficult for the movie makers as the NSA agents were peeping over the filming.

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Snowden has been made based on a controversial plot. Edward Snowden, the leading character of the movie was a computer specialist at the NSA, an intelligence agency for the state’s security. Snowden somehow managed some information and leaked those to a newspaper which brought some negative impacts on the NSA. Thereby, the NSA authority tried to capture him with the charge of espionage but he managed to get an exile from the USA to Russia. Now he is in Russia with his girl friend and is not planning to return in the USA. The movie is based on the real life events of Snowden and the movie makers have tried hard to represent all the things on the movie.

The movie makers of Snowden have bought the rights of a novel that was composed over his incident and also bought another book rights written over him so that there are no legal issues over the movie after its release. The movie makers had to spend around 800,000 US dollars to purchase the books rights. Screenplay for the movie is written jointly by Oliver Stone and Kieran Fitzgerald. Oliver Stone also directed the movie with his expertise though he was in hesitation in the beginning to make movie over such a confidential issue. Casting for Snowden began in September in 2016 while the filming for the movie began in February in 2015 in Germany. Filming also took place in the USA, Hawaii and the entire filming continued till mid of May of the same year (2015). Earlier, the movie makers wanted to release in the Christmas of 2016 but now the movie will be released on September 16 in 2016.

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Snowden (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: September 16, 2016 (USA)
Director: Oliver Stone
Distributed by: Open Road Films
Screenplay: Oliver Stone, Kieran Fitzgerald
Story by: Anatoly Kucherena, Luke Harding


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