Synopsis & Storyline of Shuddhi (2016):

Bollywood is mostly famous for different types of movies and romantic movies are considered as the best of all than the other movie genres. Usually, the movies are made considering the audiences as they want to enjoy romantic movies more than the other movies. So, the movie makers are always seeking chances to make romantic movies and by the same time, they engage the best cast to perform on the movie. Often the movie makers play a hide and seek with the movie plots as they are afraid of several things. There are some unscrupulous movie makers who steal the movie plots and claim those plots belong to them and create a mess with the movie. So, the movie makers usually do not release the movie plots. Further, the movie makers sometimes want to surprise the audience with the movie plot. So, they do not want the audience to know the plot beforehand the movie release. Thereby, they do not disclose something about the plot to anyone including the media. But so far it has been known that the movie Shuddhi will be a romantic action movie, one of the most popular genres in Bollyood movie industry. The movie will be one of the greatest movies of the year after release, believes the cast and crew.

Bollywood Film – Shuddhi (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Synopsis: People are fond of entertainment and they want it to come easily. Watching a movie is one of the easiest tasks and the movie makers has made it easier for the audiences. Most of the time, the movie makers make the movies with great efforts while the audiences enjoy them without any efforts. Btu the audiences have no idea how the movies are made. There are different movie genres and the movie makers try selecting the most effective one based on the audience demand. Most of the cases, the movie makers have to undergo different researches to make the movie and thus they conduct research on movies and audiences. It has been found that the audiences mostly prefer the movies which are combined with two different genres. Hence the emergence of combined movie genres appeared.

Combined genre refers that a movie is made in combination with two or three different genres and the audiences prefers such genres most as they feel bored with a single genre movie. If an action movie only shows battle or fights, the movies may not be preferred to everyone. Some of the audiences may love the movie but if the majority rejects, the movie makers will be in trouble, they will be in deep trouble with everything. They invest a lot to make a movie and if the movie is not a box office hit, they would be unable to collect their investment. Besides, the movie casts also have to endure some mental torments as they could not perform well on the movie.

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But it is expected that the movie – Shuddhi will be something different here. Though the movie plot is not known to all, it is expected that the movie will be a good one for its cast and plotting. The movie plot has been composed by a professional movie plot writer but the movie makers have changed some of the events of the plot to make it more attractive. The movie makers have added some events and deducted some from the original plot. The movie is supposed to be a romantic one with some actions. The movie development began in the last part of 2014 and the movie makers had selected some casts for the movie to lead the movie on the screen. The movie was supposed to be lead by Hritik Roshan but late he could not manage schedule for the movie. So, the agreement went to Salman Khan, better known as Sallu bhai.

It is supposed that the movie will be one of the most dramatic one of the year for its outstanding plot and since Salman Khan has agreed to perform on the movie, the movie plot should be outstanding. The movie makers are on the view that the movie is able to bring some sort of rewards for them as all of them are working hard on it. Filming for the movie take place in Uttarkhand and in Mumbai.

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Shuddhi (2016) Movie Details:

Story/Writer by:– Karan Malhotra, Piyush Mishra, Ekta Pathak, Malhotra
Directed by:– Karan Malhotra
Producer by:– Karan Johar
Music by:– N/A
Cinematography:– Sudeep Chatterjee
Editing by:- N/A
Studio / Distributor:- Dharma Productions
Language:- Hindi
Budget: N/A


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