Synopsis & Plot Summary of Return to Sender (2015):

In the age of science and technology, having a blind date is a very common issue and nothing to worry about the consequences. Most of the couples are getting acquainted with the blind dates and many of the relations have rolled up to their successful marriage. But if something unexpected happens with the blind date? Can we just ignore the happenings? The consequences are fatal and enough to make someone’s life into a hell. The movie Return to Sender is based on such a plot where a lady is raped in the guise of a blind date. Although she did not meet with her right date rather someone else entered into her house with the identity of the man she was expecting. Finally she takes the unique revenge.

Hollywood Film – Return to Sender (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Blind dates are fun. They help to get familiar with different sorts of people regardless their cast, creed or color. But it some cases the dates could turn fatal for the people engaged with the date. It may at times cost their lives too. So, they should be careful about blind dates to avoid such troubles. But sometimes, the troubles are uninvited and appear at the door to increase the sufferings.

The movie return to Sender is based on such an event where a nurse, Miranda, meets some of the worst consequences of her life after meeting a blind date. In fact she wants to get into a blind date and accordingly a man named Kevin was set to meet her. But one day of the dare Kevin made a bit late for some reasons to reach Miranda’s home. But the time the accident happens.

Another man, named William Finn, reached Miranda’s home to meet her with the intention to materialize his lust on Miranda. Somehow he came to know about the blind date and identified himself as the man who is there to date with Miranda. Surgical nurse, Miranda, opens the door and invites him believing that he is the man for her but to her utter surprise she found that he is not that man she was waiting for.

Return to Sender (2015) Official Movie Trailer [HD]

At a stage, William Finn rapes her and then escapes the scene when the real Kevin came into her house. Legal procedures were done and Miranda identified William Finn as the miscreant of the case. Then he was sent to jail according to the law and judicial system.

But the aftermaths were worst for Miranda. She could not perform her surgery as she had some troubles with her right hand; it started trembling when she wants to do something. She lost the control over her hand and she even could not sell her house as she was raped into the house. People were on the view that they will not buy such a house where someone was raped.

So, made a plan and started communicating with William Finn in jail and created a good friendship. But when William was released from prison, she did not allow him to enter into her house rather made contact with him outside of the house. Suddenly he had to use the bathroom for emergency and Miranda trickily freeze him with poison and amputates his hand and the most important organ of a man’s life (although the scene is not shown but the audience can easily imagine what is the most important organ of a man is).

The movie stars Rosamund Pike on the role of Miranda, with Shiloh Fernandez on the villainous role of William Finn, Nick Nolte as Miranda’s Father, Camryn Manheim as nurse, and Illeana Douglas as Real Estate Agent for Miranda.

The movie will be released on August 14 in 2015 in the USA.

Return to Sender (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: August 14 in 2015 in the USA
Director: Bille August
Running time: 1h 49m
Music composed by: Harry Gregson-Williams
Screenplay: Robert Wade, Neal Purvis


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