Synopsis & Plot Summary of Paper Towns (2015):

Hollywood is the place that makes movie for all ages of people and in some cases it has been seen that the movies made for the kids have turned much popular among the adults. Paper Towns is such an upcoming movie that will set a record in Hollywood’s history for making movies for the kids across the globe. The movie is based on a best seller novel by John Green. In the movie, two little kids undergo an adventure where they see many exciting things and gather experiences over the issues. Suddenly one of the teens hides itself so that the other one could unveil. Moreover, the first one left some messages to decode that will help to seek him out.

Hollywood Film – Paper Towns (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Paper Towns is the upcoming teen comedy and has been made after a book after the same name. The book was published in 2008 by John Green. One of the teens – Quentin Jacobsen has turned into maturity, recently, and is curious by nature. In the early days, Quentin had different adventures in the surrounding localities and discovered different striking stuff which has made him more curious than ever. So, he is always in chances of discovering things or seeking the chances to go for adventure.

Actually the movie represents the curious attitude of the kids and teens around the world. They are always in search of mystery. Unveiling mysteries is a fun for them. It helps them to gain knowledge and implement the earned knowledge in their real life situations. But in some cases the situations may be different. If the proper manner of gaining knowledge is unknown, it may bring a disaster for them too and the fact is proven in different times.

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When Quentin meets with his neighbor Margo, when he was looking for some adventures in life and everything went boring with him, the later one, Margo, invited him to join into a midnight chaos. She invited to go for trips at midnight and particularly it was a revenge of her to her boy friend who was cheating with her.

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But when the adventure was ended on that night, in the morning gradually it appeared that Margo was absent from her home, and even she did not go to her school too. In fact she was missing from the previous night. Nobody knew her whereabouts and it was Quentin who started seeking her thorough some clues. He knew that Margo loves mystery and thus he started discovering clues in her room and other elements to seek her out.

Finally he came to know that Margo is available on place and she will be there for a certain period of time. So, race against time to meet Margo begins.

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The movie is starred by Nat Wolff on the leading role of Quentin Jacobsen, with Josiah Cerio as young Quentin, Cara Delevingne on the other leading role of Margo Roth Spiegelman, Hannah Alligood as young Margo, Justice Smith as Marcus “Radar” Lincoln, Austin Abrams as Ben Starling, Halston Sage as Lacey Pemberton, Griffin Freeman as Jase, Caitlin Carver as Becca Arrington, Jaz Sinclair as Angela, Cara Buono as Connie Jacobsen, Susan Macke Miller as Mrs. Spiegelman, Tom Hillmann as Mr. Spiegelman, Meg Crosbie as Ruthie Spiegelman, and Jim Coleman as Det. Otis Warren.

Paper Towns (2015) Movie Details:

Initial release: July 24, 2015 (USA)
Director: Jake Schreier
Story by: John Green
Genres: Thriller, Romance Film
Music composed by: Son Lux, John Debney


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