Synopsis & Plot Summary of Mother’s Day (2016):

Mother’s Day is the upcoming Hollywood comedy movie based on the events of a couple of mothers meeting together. The movie is about the union of mothers of past and present generations and sharing their experiences over their motherhood on the eve of mother’s day. A good number of renowned artists have been included on the cast list to make the movie a rocking one. The movie is about sharing joys, sorrows and emotions of mothers on the mother’s day. In this day the three mothers meet together with their kids and experience the best ever memories of their lives. They never imagined that the meeting would be so enjoying to them and thus they did not want to get apart after the day. But they had to leave the place with their kids and the memories. The week-long events were arranged marking the mother’s day and the meeting of the three generations was highly important for them and they also learnt a good number of lessons from the gathering.

Hollywood Movie Mother’s Day (2016) Review & Storyline:

When it is about making a comedy movie, the Hollywood movie makers never take easy or cheaper issues as their movie plots. Usually the movie plots are made with hilarious things so that the movie could make the audience laugh. If the movies fail to make the audience laugh out loud, it is not considered as the movie worth of the genre. Hollywood usually makes movies over the comedy genres with such interesting plots that the ordinary audiences feel a sense of thrill while they watch the movies. Normally the movie plots are adopted from the surrounding environment and a fresh look is provided with the plots.

Mother's Day (2016)

Earlier, it has been found that the movies have failed to succeed in terms of positive movie making as the movie makers could not select the right plot for them. The casting and performance was okay but due to weak plotting, they failed to grab the mass attention. As a result the movie makers had to count loss in several terms. Firstly, they could not accumulate their investment on the movie. Secondly, each of the movie makers aims to get some awards against their works and due to the faulty plotting they cannot get the awards rather achieve some negative criticisms for them.

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Besides, when the plots are less attractive, the audiences also lose their interest for the movie. They do not prefer to watch such movies on theatre and as a result the movies are always ditched. But the Hollywood film makers are aware of such issues and they do not take projects with weak plots. If they find such weak plots, they usually appoint professional script writers to make the plots ideal for them and their audiences. So, most of the cases, the Hollywood comedy movie is considered as the best of the bests.

The movie – Mother’s Day is about combining the events of three generations together on the event of a mother’s day. The event was set for a week and three generations of mothers gather together in a place with their kids. They share about their feelings, emotions, sorrows and their inner feelings. They also shared their regular life in their respective families and how they care about the family members and what they get in return. The entire week-long event turned into a family gathering for them. The three generations of a family meets together and it is a kind of reunion for the other kids.

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They wanted to celebrate the mother’s day and accordingly came to meet in the house of one of their family members. The male members were also happy and they also helped to strengthen the bonding among the mothers.  Filming for the movie take place in Los Angeles and the photography began in July of 2015.

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Mother’s Day (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: April 29, 2016 (USA)
Director: Garry Marshall
Story by: Matthew Walker
Music composed by: John Debney
Screenplay: Tom Hines, Anya Kochoff, Lily Hollander


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