Synopsis & Plot Summary of A Monster Calls (2016):

Humans are always helpless and in some cases they become weaker when they do not have anything to depend on. Physical illness is the key of all weakness and when people fall ill, they have nothing else to except praying to the Almighty. The movie – A Monster Calls shows some events of similar issues. The movie plot is about a little boy, his mother and some monsters. The mother of the boy is physically ill and has no one except the little boy. So, the boy tries to provide all types of comfort to the mother and adopts different means. By the same time, the little boy is being bullied from his classmates. They ignore him, bully him and harass him from all types of ways as he has nobody to take care except the mother. Thereby, his world changes and he enters into the world of imagination. His world changes completely and some supernatural beings. He befriends with a monster and asks that monster to help him in finding remedies to cure his mother. The story moves on. By the time, the little boy experiences different things together and becomes matured enough to undergo all the torments inflicted on him in an efficient manner. The monster helps him to realize the real meaning of life and thus helps him to grow up and enriched his mental faculty.

Hollywood Movie A Monster Calls (2016) Review & Storyline:

Cinemas are made to make the audiences cheerful. Life is filled with complications and watching movies is one of the greatest ways to make the life a bit better. So, the movie makers usually make their movies in a sophisticated manner so that the audiences could enjoy the movies and get some messages to work accordingly to change their troubles. The movie makers of A Monster Calls have invested all of their hard efforts to make the movie a successful one. They have picked a very good plot which is filled with excitement and learning for the audiences. This is an exceptional movie based on an outstanding plot.

A Monster Calls (2016)

Generally the movie makers try to make movies based on some outstanding plots. There is no exception for the movie – A Monster Calls. The movie has been adopted from a popular novel of the same name. The novel was published in 2011. The plot of the movie and the novel are almost same. Often it happens that the movie makers bring some changes on the movie plots so that the movie and the novel might have some sort of distances but here, in the case of A Monster Calls, there are no such differences have been made. The movie makers have not made any change for the movie and they have filmed the entire novel on their footage.

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The movie plot is simply outstanding. The movie deals with the issues of a little kid and his mother. The kid lives with his mother and somehow his father is not with them. So, they are helpless. He goes to school but he is unable to continue with his study anymore in the school for several reasons. He is severely bullied with his classmates in different ways. So, life in school becomes difficult for him to continue. He is also unable to discuss the issue with the school authority as the authority will deny his allegations against his powerful classmates. On the other side, his mother is seriously ill. She might be passing her last days of life. So, she is also unable to protect her child.

In such a situation, on the movie – A Monster Calls, something miraculous happens with the little boy. He befriends with a tree monster. The tree monster helps him to understand the real meaning of life. Both of them try to save the mother and by the same time, the little boy undergoes with some special events of his life that he never experienced before. As a result, his ideas about life changes to the greatest extent. He now becomes more matured and able to tolerate everything in his life. Though he is small in age, his mental faculty has been enriched with the help of the tree monster.

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The movie- A Monster Calls, is a joint venture of Spain and Britain. The movie is being made with the combination of the two countries as the movie makers want to make it a perfect and special one. They have jointly made the plot, props and took the preparations to make it a rocking movie. The movie belongs to fantasy drama genre which has too much appeal to the audiences. The screen play for the movie is written by Patrick Ness and interestingly he also wrote the novel from which the movie is adapted. But the idea to make the movie was provided by Siobhan Dowd.

Filming for the movie began in September in 2014 in different parts of England and Spain. A Monster Calls is set to be released on October 21 in 2016.

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A Monster Calls (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: October 14, 2016 (USA)
Director: Juan Antonio Bayona
Adapted from: A Monster Calls
Screenplay: Patrick Ness
Music composed by: Fernando Velázquez


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