Synopsis & Plot Summary of Mechanic: Resurrection (2016):

Mechanic: Resurrection is the upcoming Hollywood action thriller movie. The movie is the sequel of its former installment – Mechanic. The movie is about the events of the life of Arthur Bishop. He is skilled in assassination and makes them look like accident. In the earlier episode, his friend turned his enemy and he had nothing to do. In the current installment, his enemy returns again and due to some maladjustment of the former events, he kidnapped Arthur Bishop’s fiancé to blackmail him. Finding no other ways, he agrees with the kidnapper and starts hunting down the victims. Arthur Bishop travels in different parts of the world to find out the people he was assigned to kill. He finds all of them and killed them while the event looked like pure accidents. The events took place when he retired from his post of contract killer and the event of kidnapping was done to force him in the killings. In fact using people like Arthur Bishop is difficult if they do not cooperate willingly. So, to make them cooperate, they villains or employers adopt different illegal means. Now, he is compelled to follow the instructions by the kidnapper as he does not want his love to be killed. So, he begins his assassination mission.

Hollywood Movie Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) Review & Storyline:

Usually Hollywood is famous for action movies. Most of the movies made in the industry are the best. The movie – Mechanic Resurrection is to be one of the most impressive movies of the year for its making and other issues related with it. Generally the movie makers of Hollywood try their best to provide the best efforts to make movies successful. They contract with the best performers and crews who work sincerely to make the movie a success. Not only success is enough for them, they also try to make the movie in such a way that it will get some extraordinary acclamations from different quarters of the movie industry. They want to get some prestigious awards for the movie and them.

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So, the movie makers are always in try to enrich their movies like the movie makers of – Mechanic Resurrection have done for their movie. Some of the cases, the movie makers are seen revising the entire movie events and especially the movie plots. Without a strong movie plot it is impossible for the movie makers to make a perfect movie. The movie makers are always trying to find a suitable plot for them so that they could make something special for the audiences. Sometimes, the movie makers are able to get a suitable plot or often they are seen making their plots by their own. They do hire the professional scriptwriters and sometimes they themselves write the plot for the movie. Most of the cases, fictional plots are adopted.

Mechanic - Resurrection (2016)

The movie – Mechanic Resurrection is about a fictional plot where some tougher characters are found. Arthur Bishop is the leading character (played by Jaosn Statham) of the movie. He is a contract killer. The movie is a sequel of its former installment named – Mechanic. Arthur Bishop was the killer on the movie and killed on contract. He was assigned to kill high profile people so that the other people could have some advantage. He was hired for the killings as he has his own distinctive ways of assassination. He kills people in a skilled way that the killings appear to be accident and there are no scopes to involve him or the recruiters. Thereby, he gained fame in the underworld and is frequently he is hired for the assassination jobs.

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But in this current installment – Mechanic: Resurrection, he plays the similar role of contract killer but now he is forced to do the works. He has retired from his contract killing as a friend of him appeared to be a traitor, and he wants a peaceful live to live on. So, he keeps himself away from all sorts of former activities. But now he is forced to do some assassination as his beloved lady has been kidnapped by a group of people to force him. As he had no other ways left, he started the assassinations and travels different parts of the world.

Mechanic: Resurrection is directed by Dennis Gansel. Filming for the movie began in February of 2014 and took place in different parts of the world including – Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria and Thailand. The movie is set to be released on August in 2016.

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Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: August 26, 2016 (USA)
Director: Dennis Gansel
Film series: The Mechanic film series
Music composed by: Mark Isham
Distributors: Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment


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