Synopsis & Plot Summary of Keanu (2016):

Keanu is the upcoming Hollywood comedy movie based on the story of a kitten. This story is all about the recovery of the kitten which was stolen by a thug. In fact, the kitten was everything for Rell who has been dumped by his girl friend. He wanted to live peacefully and took care of the kitten regularly. But after being stolen, he became more worried than he actually was after being dumped by the woman. So, he tries to get back the kitten and consequently comes to know that it was stolen by a drug dealer. The drug dealer asks Rell and his cousin to work for him. As they had no options left, they started working for the drug dealer and got involved in to troubles. They got armed in fire arms and started to work for the dealer while they were chased by the law enforcers.

Hollywood Movie Keanu (2016) Review & Storyline:

Hollywood is the best place for movies and it is reported that it makes movies almost two third of the world. As a result the movies are of the finest quality and the movie makers are satisfied with the outcomes as well. Usually, Hollywood has created some genres for the movie and the movie makers follow them without any second thought. Among the genres, the most notable are – action, comedy, romantic, drama, epic, adventure, horror, science fictions etc. but with the advancement of time the movie makers have taken some special steps.

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To make the movies attractive, the movie makers have merged several genres together. As a result, the audiences have become glad to enjoy two movies in a single ticket. They started preferring the combined genres like comedy and action, action and romance, dramatic action, social action, drama and comedy and more others. It has been proved that a movie becomes successful when several genres are attached with the movie. Usually the audiences are reluctant to enjoy only a single genre now at the theatre hall. They now prefer to have several genres together as they get a different taste in it.

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So, when the movie makers make or produce any movies, they carefully consider the issue. Following the Hollywood movie makers, the rest of the world is also on the way to make movies in combination of several genres. But the movies made in Hollywood are the best one following the critiques. The movie makers of Hollywood pick unique plots to make movies. Sometimes they adopt the stories from the bestsellers of different renowned writers while they also add some twists on the movie plots.

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The movie Keanu is all about a kitten. The movie belongs to comedy genre and there are small actions may also be found which has no dealing with the genre. So, it could be termed as comedy, simply. The story is also very attractive. It is about the kitten while a man gets involved into some disastrous activities for rescuing the kitten. The man, Rell, has recently been rejected and dumped by his girlfriend. So, to forget the issue he becomes busy with a kitten which he found before his house.

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He starts taking care for the kitten and loves it like his own child. But one day the kitten gets stolen. Rell with the association of his cousin started seeking the kitten. They became able to track the kitten thief and came to know that the man was a drug smuggler. The drug dealer agreed to return the kitten with some conditions. He said that if the two works for him, then he will return the kitten to its owner – Rell. So, both of them agreed to work with the drug peddler and brought disasters in their life.

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Filming for the movie took place in Louisiana in June of 2015 and is set to be released on April 29 in 2016.

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Keanu (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: April 29, 2016 (USA)
Director: Peter Atencio
Production company: New Line Cinema
Cast: Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key
Music composed by: Steve Jablonsky, Nathan Whitehead
Written by: Jordan Peele, Alex Rubens


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