Synopsis & Plot Summary of Jason Bourne (2016):

Hollywood is mostly renowned for the action movies and Jason Bourne is the other one on the list. The movie is made over the issues of a spy named Jason Bourne. The movie deals with the events of Bourne and his career. This is the movie that is about the search of identity by Bourne. He had to disappear for several years and now he is searching his real identity – why he was disappeared, how he has been living, why he is on the run and many other issues. Now he is to take the responsibility of saving the world and accordingly he is assigned for the role. But Bourne is a bit confused about everything. He is unaware about his roles and responsibilities and he also denies getting involved into such activities that he did earlier. He remembers that he did something wrong and accordingly he is having the current trouble. His life has been dominated by orders from his higher authority and he always followed them without any questions. But now he is questioning all the tasks.

Hollywood Jason Bourne (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

There are different movies genres found in Hollywood and the movie makers make the movies with guardianship so that the movies could bring some awards for them. When it is about making a movie, they initially select the genres and take necessary measures to materialize their plans. When they select the genres, they try to have the most prominent one as those are able to bring back their investment with a reasonable profit. Moreover, they always research about the movie genres and try to invent something new. As a result, they try to combine two or three different genres together to make something special. Often the movie makers of Hollywood try to concentrate on the off-track genres like biography, historical movies etc.

Jason Bourne (2016)

But as they apply some special twists on the off-track movies, they become splendid and bring the desired reward. Most of the movies made in Hollywood contain some special sort of
attractions for the audiences that they cannot ignore the invitation to watch the movies. When the movies are made, the movie makers add some twists, emotional issues or some extraordinary action sequences and finally they invite the audiences to be a part of the movie by enjoying it at the theatre halls. When the movies are made with simple plots, the movie makers try to make the plots outstanding by adding their own thoughts.

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Sometimes they make the end unexpected while the audiences might have thought something different. The events become enjoying when the audiences imagine something different than the conclusion exhibited on the screen. If we consider the current movie – Jason Bourne, there will be such evidences that the audiences will be amazed with the ending of the movie. The initial part of the movie will show Bourne as a disobedient spy who wants to know about his past but the audiences will be amazed when they will experience the concluding part.

The movie plot is simple for a spy movie but it has some special issues to deal with. Before being a spy, an individual has to undergo different trainings and experiments. Sometimes, their memories are removed as well to make them fit any special mission. In such an event, Bourne experiences memory loss and he wants to dig the memories to know about him. He tries a lot to know about him and accordingly undertakes different measures to unearth the actual facts about him. But he becomes unable to know about the past of his life and so, when he is asked to participate in some other missions to prevent the world from destruction, he denies.

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The movie name has been changed to the current one and earlier it was known as Bourne 5. This is sequel of its earlier version released in 2012 named – The Bourne Legacy. Each of the movies of this series has rocked the box offices for the outstanding plots, wonderful movie making and the performance by Matt Damon on the role of Bourne. Filming for the movie began in September of 2015 and the movie will be released on July 29 in 2016.

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Jason Bourne (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: July 29, 2016 (USA)
Director: Paul Greengrass
Film series: The Bourne film series
Screenplay: Christopher Rouse
Produced by: Matt Damon, Gregory Goodman, Paul Greengrass, Frank Marshall


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