Synopsis & Storyline of Heroes of Dirt (2015):

Everyone has a dream for their life. They try their utmost to fill up the dream and undergo different experiences regardless bad or good. After lots of struggles, they reach to their goal. But some of them give up in the middle of the road as they cannot adjust with the struggles. People who do not give up finally turn into the winners. ‘Heroes of Dirt’ is the upcoming adventure drama movie that describes the issues of a BMX dirt jumper who undergoes unusual odd situations for making his dream to be a professional dirt jumper real. In the beginning Phin Copper – the dirt jumper, tried his best to be a professional in his arena but failed. He had to land in jail for missing out a competition and the Court ordered him for community service where he meets with a troubled teen. He starts mentoring the teen as a dirt jumper.

Hollywood Film – Heroes of Dirt (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

At times hobbies take the turn into profession. Dirt jumping is a hobby for many while some other prefers it as their profession. They want to get paid for their hobby. For making the hobby into a profession, they are to try hard. In some cases, they fail and people who are patient, become the winners. Due to failure attempt or surrounding situations, they are to pay the price for the mistakes at times even if they are not involved with that.

Riding bicycle is a hobby for many but to be a dirt jumper is a dream for them. When they jump like dirt, they feel an amazing thrill in them. Some want to take it as their profession and thus accordingly do many works. When it is missed somehow, they regret. Sometimes the issues go to the court and legal bindings make them weak. But people, who are determined, do not get derailed from their goals. They reach the goal by all possible means.

Heroes of Dirt (2015) Official Movie Trailer [HD]

Phin Cooper is one of them. He has the dream to be a professional dirt jumper. He wants to be renowned among the people and community as a professional in this arena. He dreams to be the best one and thereby, he is engaged with different exercises of dirt jumping, participating in competitions and more others. But when was missing pout from a competition, he was under police custody that leads him to court. The court found him guilty for his unpaid citations and orders him to perform a certain hours of community service.

He reluctantly starts performing community service and meets with a tough boy Blue Espinosa. So, he takes the responsibility to make the boy a dirt jumper too. He takes the boy into dirt jumping trails and helps him teach the techniques and tricks of dirt jumping. Although the boy was addicted to drugs and was involved with drug dealers and gangster, Phin Cooper brings him on the right track. A friendship grows between the two.

Heroes of Dirt (2015)

Together they start jumping on dirt trails as stunt man. Gradually the friendship turned deeper and the two reached on the peak of success.

The movie features some of the best dirt stunts which is really admiring and enjoyable to the audience and it is expected that the stunts will be the key attraction of the movie. The role behind success is also depending on the stunts performed by professional dirt jumpers.

The movie stars Joel Moody on the role of Phineas Cooper, with William Martinez as Blue Espinosa, Vivienne VanHorn as Jordin Riley, Bill Allen as Tim Cooper, Engelia McCullough as Stacey, Diane Bakos as Claire Cooper, Brett Young as Officer Gray, James Nester as Mason among others in different roles.

Heroes of Dirt (2015), Movie Details:

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 4 September 2015 (USA)
Production Co: Blue Trail Entertainment
Runtime: 102 min
Color: Color
Filming Locations: Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
Director: Jason Stutter
Stars: Jed Brophy, Jeffrey Thomas


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