Synopsis & Plot Summary of Hera Pheri 3 (2016):

If you want to have fun and masti for unlimited times, you can watch the movie of Hera Pehri series. Earlier two installments have been released so far of the movie and now this is the time for the latest installment. The movie makers have kept everything for surprise of the audiences. So, they did not reveal the storyline of the movie officially and thus most of the issues are unknown about the movie. As a result, there have been rumors about the movie plot and different quarters have different opinions about the movie. But it is anticipated that the movie will be like the previous installments and the comic elements will be ever present to make the audience laugh. But in the new installment, there are some changes in the characters and the role of Raju has been replaced with the other characters. The movie has been made with interesting events and it is expected that it will be one of the greatest hits of 2016.

Bollywood Hera Pheri 3 (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Bollywood is the place for different types of movies and mostly the number of audience is more for the comedy movies. Usually there are different types of movies are made and action, drama, romantic, comedy etc. are the very common genres. Currently, there are some other genres also emerging in the context of current age. Many of the movie makers are tending to make movies over genres like biography, adventures and histories while the number of commercial movies is also on the rise. In the commercial movies, the movie makers adopt different measures to attract the audiences. As a result, they are to undertake different techniques on the movie and some twists on the plots.

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Sometimes, the movie makers have added some weird themes on the movie to make them attractive to the audience but in reality, those tweaking did not prove effective. Most of the movies which were made with the external and excessive plotting, they failed to gather public attention. People even did not watch such movies as those only grow irritation. But the movie makers did not comprehend the issues and especially the public demands. When they start making such movies, they actually do not care that the former movies of such types have failed to gather attention from public and had to experience loss.

Hera Pheri 3 (2016)

But if it comedy movies and the movie makers add something unusual to increase the attraction, the movies come out fine. In most of the cases it has been proved that the comedy movies with the elaborative issues are more effective than the other movies. The movie makers have to understand that they cannot add everything they want on the movies rather they should realize that they are making movies for the audience. So, the preference of the audiences should be prioritize more than anything. Some of the movie makers comprehend and make the movie accordingly and the majority of the movie makers does not understand and make the movies after their will.

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The movie – Hera Pheri 3 is the upcoming Bollywood comedy movie. The official movie plot is unknown and it is expected that the movie makers have something to surprise the audience. The cast list has been reshuffled and thus they are more hopeful for the success of the movie. The movie has been directed by Neeraj Vora while it is produced by renowned and successful producer, Feroz Nadiadwala. The movie is considered as the third installment of the Hera Pheri series. This is a sequel of its former installment.

Some new casts have been added on the movie. The movie is set to be released on August 25 in 2016.

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Hera Pheri 3 (2016) Movie Details:

Initial release: August 12, 2016 (India)
Director: Neeraj Vora
Film series: Hera Pheri
Producer: Firoz A. Nadiadwala
Music composed by: Himesh Reshammiya, Anu Malik, Pritam Chakraborty


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