Synopsis & Plot Summary of Great Grand Masti (2016):

When it is about fun, the audiences watch movies and if the movies become adult comedy, the enjoyment increases to the greatest extent. As a result the former installments of Great Grand Masti have rocked the box offices. Though officially the theme of the movie is kept hidden from media, it is reported that the movie will be filled with double meaning statements and those will be more attractive than the formers ones. Besides, the characters are also the same in line with the former episodes. So, it is anticipated that this is Great Grand Masti will be one of the biggest hits of this year. The movie plot is officially unknown but the critiques are on the view that it is in line with the former installments and might be the sequel of Grand Masti which was released in 2015. Moreover, the casts have performed with their best performance which will make the movie more enjoyable.

Bollywood Hindi Film Great Grand Masti (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Most of the audiences love to watch comedy movies and if the comedies come with a bit of double meaning statements, the movie becomes a ‘masaladar’ (spicy) movie for the audience. It helps the adult audience to enjoy the statements and surrounding events. Besides, the performance with the dialogues plays another important role in this respect. So, when the performance and the dialogues come hand in hand, the movie becomes a successful one.

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Usually the making adult movies may not be successful or receive awards rather those movies receive negative criticisms. In many of the cases, the movies go unnoticed by the audience. So, the move makers have changed their plans and accordingly started to add comic elements on the adult movies. Here adult movies should not be interpreted as the porn movies rather the movies which have some double meaning indications. For instance, a dialogue could be interpreted in several dimensions and most of the time that will lead to sexuality.

Great Grand Masti (2016)

But, the success of such movies cannot be stopped by anyone in the Bollywood film industry. When the movie makers pick plots to make such movies, either they seek the best one or they employ the best writer of the industry to pen down the movie script. Inclusion of characters or their absence is determined based on the plot events. But to make the movies successful, in some cases, the movie makers keep the plots hidden. They do so to surprise the audience. They are on the point of view that if the movie plot is revealed, it may not surprise the audience properly. So, to present a pleasant surprise to the targeted audience, the movie makers do not share the plots and in some cases the stories are also not leaked.

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But some important sources reveal information over the facts and so far it is known that Great Grand Masti will be the sequel of the previous installments and will also follow the usual trends of entertaining the audience with double meaning dialogues. But this time, it is anticipated that, the movie will deliver some more vulgar dialogues and some of the Indian movie critiques are on the view that the movie may also get stuck in the censor board for its vulgarity.

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However, some say that the movie may not follow its previous installments and accordingly the performances are done by the artists so that no similarity could be found with the former one. The cast who played role in the former installments (part one and two) will also play role here. The movie is directed by Indra Kumar while Ashok Thakeria has produced the movie. Initially the movie will be released in March 25 in 2016.

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Great Grand Masti (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: March 25, 2016
Director: Indra Kumar
Music composed by: Anand Raj Anand
Story by: Indra Kumar
Production companies: Mehboob Studio, Balaji Motion Pictures


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