Synopsis & Plot Summary of Ghostbusters (2016):

When someone tries to invent something new, they are to experience different troubles from different corners. So, it is better to invent things and share those amid the surrounding people and if the sharing is done outside of the familiar circle, it becomes ridiculous for those. The events were similar for the writers claiming that the ghosts were real. So, when the book was published, the writers had to experience different troubles by their own surroundings. Most of the times, they had to experience insults and ridiculous comments from the other people as they tried to prove the existence of ghosts. Usually there are beliefs that the ghosts are not real and they do not have any power to damage the humans or anything else. But the writers tried to prove that the ghosts were real and they were able to do many things as per their wishes. The big trouble occurred when a ghost planned to damage the world with its evil power.

Hollywood Movie Ghostbusters (2016) Review & Storyline:

Usually there are different views and opinions regarding the presence of ghosts in the world. Some of the people are deeply in belief that ghosts are real. They do believe that ghosts are also able to do many things and some of their tasks are harmful for the humans. So, they try to make the ghosts satisfied and sometimes they worship them so that they do not do any harm to them. It is merely about their belief. On the other hand, there are some other views about the ghosts. They believe that there are no ghosts available in the world. They also believe that even if there are ghosts, they do not have any ability to harm human beings. So, they do not care about ghost. But the troubles occur when the other school wins with the possibility of having ghosts.

Ghostbusters (2016)

The issues of ghosts and supernatural elements have played important roles to make movies and the movie plots have been sophisticatedly made to make their presence more visible. Some of the movie genres have been dedicated to the supernatural beings. The movies are only made for entertainment but the events they show are really horrible. When the movie plot is made, the script writers are on the view that they should make the plot in such a way that will help the audience to understand that there are ghosts. But by the same time, they try to keep the events into a certain level so that the audiences could also enjoy the movies. Thereby, they add different strategies and use them so technically that the audience could get both the taste of enjoyment and fear.

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The movie plots of such supernatural movies are usually collected from the surrounding events and the movie makers try to shape the events in some special ways. They add some spices on the plot so that the movie tastes delicious to the audience. As a result, the movie becomes one of the extraordinary one. Often the Hollywood horror or supernatural movies become box office hit and it happens only for the movie plot, cast performance and the use of special effects to make the scenes scarier than the usual movies. The directors of such movies mostly prioritize the movie plot and they represent the plots on the screen in an artistic manner. The audiences are mostly attracted with the movies for the movie plots, cast performance and movie making techniques.

The movie plot of the movie- Ghostbusters is very simple but attractive. The movie is about the story of some writers who proved about the existence of ghosts. But their surrounding people laughed at them and they did not get enough attention for their achievement. Only they received was negligence from the society and even their nearest people also ridiculed them. But the scenario changed when a real demon appeared and intended to damage the world. It was only then when all the people believed about the existence of ghosts and about their power. The book writers along with some other companions start hunting down the powerful ghost. The demon named Rowan was able to do many things and the most important thing is that the demon was able to take human shape and could do anything in the form of human. But now this is the time to destroy it.

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Filming for the movie was done in New York and the movie will be released on July 15 in 2016.

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Ghostbusters (2016) Hindi Movie Details:

Release date: July 15, 2016 (USA)
Director: Paul Feig
Executive producer: Dan Aykroyd
Budget: 154 million USD
Producers: Ivan Reitman, Amy Pascal


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