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Civil War in the USA played important roles in the lives of the US citizens in that century. The War helped the nation to get decided about some specific issues and the nation turned in to two parts. One of the parts was on the view that War has done favors to the country while the other group was on the view that the War is splitting the nation and the consequences would be worst for the country. Despite the views, both the parties have associated with the Civil War and played active roles favoring their own views. Based on the events of Civil War in the USA, different movies have been made and some of the movies are made on real life events of the then time. Free State of Jones is about some of such real events which happened during the Civil War of USA in Jones County under Mississippi. A poor farmer named Newton Knight started a rebellion against the Confederacy in the County. Newton Knight had led a group of rebels formed with local farmers and slaves.

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Hollywood is the kingdom of exceptional movies and most of the cases the movies are considered as masterpieces because of their movie merits. Majority of the Hollywood movies are made with extraordinary plots. The casting is also done with great care. Moreover, the performances of the casts are also outstanding. The labors the crews provide to make the movie is praiseworthy. All these issues usually make the movies adorable. But some of the movies are unable to get the right amount of attention from the audiences’ side. Why such things happen as all of the Hollywood movies are made with big budget?

Free State of Jones (2016)

There are several reasons behind the failure of such large budget movies. It is seen in most of the cases that the movie plots are weaker than the contemporary movies. Often the movies are made with less care and there are some directorial errors as well. When the movies are made the movie makers usually take care of all the issues. But sometimes they cannot take the care about some important issues like plots, cast selection. Besides, most of the movies are filmed in studios which were supposed to be in the open air. The directors and producers use sets and props to recreate the real life scenario. And which was supposed to be filmed in outdoor locations, the movie makers try to take the shots inside the studios. This makes the audience irritated.

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Moreover, when the movie makers select the plots, they try to use their own imaginations and skills which are also at times unwanted by the audiences. For instance, majority of the audiences are adults and they are well aware about the happenings and even the past events. So, when they see some changes on the story, they actually lose interest from the movie. They do not want to see the changes rather they want to see the real things on the screen that they have read on books and novels. Usually the movie makers bring some changes in the plots to make the movies attractive but sometimes they provide some imaginary or misinformation on the movies which cause the irritation.

The movie – Free State of Jones is about the events of some real life issues that took place during the Civil War in the USA over the abolition of slavery. The movie shows the initiatives adopted by a poor farmer in Mississippi and how boldly he favored the slaves. Even he married a slave which was a unique example and it was the creation of a mixed race generation. The revolution was done as the slaves wanted to be free while the entire nation was divided in to two parts. One of the parts opined that the slaves should remain slaves but the other parties were removing the slavery form the entire country.

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Filming for the movie began in early February of 2015 in different parts of Louisiana and New Orleans. The budget for the movie was set at 65 million US dollars. The movie will be released on June 24 in 2016. It is expected that the movie will receive huge positive criticisms in different terms as the movie has been made with some real life histories. The movie belongs to drama genre although there are some historical events are found there.

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Free State of Jones (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: June 24, 2016 (USA)
Director: Gary Ross
Screenplay: Gary Ross
Distributed by: STX Entertainment
Story by: Leonard Hartman


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