Synopsis & Plot Summary of A Flying Jatt (2016):

Bollywood is advancing with the changes of the world and accordingly the movie making formula is being changed to a great extent. The Bollywood movie makers are now concentrating on some changes in the movie making process of the industry and thus they have added superhero movies on their list. Some of the superhero movies have been made earlier and now the movie makers started pondering to make more movies on the similar genre so that the movies could have a different type of attraction to the audiences. A Flying Jatt is one the movies made in Bollywood that will amaze the audience over its making and other issues. The movie plot has not been released officially but it is reported that like the other superhero movies, the current movie will deal with the evils and protect the mankind. The movie will be released on the first half of the year and thus the preparations are underway. It is expected that the movie will be one of the most impressive one after its release for its making, cast performance and movie plot. Thereby, everyone related with the movie is expecting much from the movie once it is released in the country.

Bollywood Hindi Movie A Flying Jatt (2016) Review & Storyline:

Review: Generally, evil forces are always prevailing everywhere. Hence the need to prevent them appeared and the task is done by legal authorities. But sometime the legal authorities fail to control the evil if the force is accompanied with something supernatural. At that moment, the emergence of some superheroes makes people get relived from the anxieties. They do not need to think over the evil anymore and the superheroes take the entire responsibility. They usually defeat the evil forces and protect the humanity. But once the troubles are solved, the superheroes get vanished. It appears that they have got vanished in the air. Their existence is not found anymore. Further, when there are some other troubles appear, the superheroes emerge without any notice. How it happens? Actually the answer is simple.

A Flying Jatt (2016)

The superheroes are living amid the common people. When they see something strange, they appear in their superhero form and try to solve the problem. When the problem is finished, they get back into their old shape and start behaving in their regular manner. So, they are not found after the troubles are gone. But when the troubles appear again, the take the superhero shape immediately and start to fight with the evil force. They use all their powers and skills to defeat the evil force as the force wants to destroy planet, properties and human lives. The innocent humans are the worst sufferers of the evil force attacks. Besides, the common human beings have no resistance power with them to fight back the evil forces and their powers. So, when it is about the attack of the evil forces, they become helpless.

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Only the superheroes are bestowed with some divine blessings and their endurance capacity is more than the normal human beings. They can fight with the evils for a long time and able to survive the attacks. But interestingly, such superheroes are unavailable in this material world. They are the result of some fertile brain’s imagination and creation. Mostly the superheroes are found in comic books and many of the movies in Hollywood have been made based on the superhero comic books. The trend has also reached in India and the Bollywood movie makers are following the steps to march ahead in the competition of making movies. Thus they are practicing to make superhero movies.

A couple of superhero movies have been made earlier and they have succeeded to make a good profit and by the same time rocked the box offices. So, the movie makers become inspired to make the movies more and even sequels have been made. But the initiative to make the superhero movies was stopped for a few years as the movie makers needed an environment to make the movie. Now everything is suitable and the obstacles have been removed from the movie making passage. The top most important factor for making a movie was technological limitations and now with the advancement of science and technology, the limitations have gone away.

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The movie – A Flying Jatt is like the other superhero movies which contain a superhero and a villain who get involved into fight. The superhero wants to protect the land while the villain wants its destruction. The villain wants to grab the land and rule it by its own will and the superhero creates obstacles on the way of the villain. The movie also has some other elements to make it more attractive and the movie makers have done all the necessary works including sharpening of the plot, casting perfectly for the role of superhero and villain and other required characters and also applied the technological aspects. So, it is expected that the movie will be a grand success when it is released.

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A Flying Jatt (2016) Hindi Movie Details:

Initial release: 2016
Director: Remo D’Souza
Music by: Sachin–Jigar
Production company: Balaji Motion Pictures
Story by: Remo D’Souza
Cast: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez


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