Synopsis & Plot Summary of Criminal (2016):

Criminal is the upcoming Hollywood movie based on some thrilling events. The movie is made with a striking plot of changing memories to gain some motives. The movie deals with the events of CIA. An agent from CIA dies during a travel. The agent, Bill Pope, dies when he was on a mission. The mission was about to find and met with a hacker who have the ability to launch missiles at will. If the meet could have been completed, the agency would have been benefitted much. But due the death, the mission was incomplete. Now, CIA plans to implant another man on the mission with the memories of Bill Pope. So, they accordingly appointed Jerico Stewart on the role of Bill Pope. Jerico Stewart is a prisoner with the death penalty and he was totally unaware about the replacement. All the memories of Bill Pope were inserted on the brain of Jerico so that he could complete the mission by his own.

Hollywood Criminal (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Review: Generally the crime thrillers are made with some imaginary events and the movie directors make them looking real on the screen. Most of the crime thrillers deal with the usual events of crime. It happens that the crime thrillers turn into action thriller movies for the elements of action on the movie. The movies contain high action scenes and especially the scenes of gun fights are outstanding. The movie – Criminal is not an exception of the crime thriller movies. The movie has different stunning elements to attract the audience. The movie is all about an investigative event. The storyline is also highly interesting.

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Usually the Hollywood movies are made of attractive plots and the movie makers try to make the plots better than their competitors. The movies are made with a large budget while the casts are also paid higher for their outstanding performance. When the movies are released, all of the casts and crews who worked for making the movie expect that the movie should be grand success. In reality, the movies become successful as well when they are released and often they make some records too in box offices. But it is not about luck rather it is about hardest works, creativity and sincerity.

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The movie plot is of the movie –Criminal is highly interesting. It is about replacing the memories and intelligence of a man to another man aiming to gain some specific goals. When a man is changed with the memories of another man, the reactions are interesting. The surrounding people do not know him but he is familiar with the faces. Besides, he is destined to perform some tasks which were supposed to be done by the previous individuals whose memory is being used here.

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A CIA agent has died during a secret mission and the mission was important to the authority. So, they did not give up hope to continue it. So, they were in chance to recruit a new hand on the post. But due to secrecy, they did not get such a man. Finally they recruited a convict to attain the goals of the mission. They implanted the memories of the CIA agent on the convicted man. All the memories and professional skills were now on the new man. He tries to discover the hacker who is able to control the missiles.

Criminal Official Trailer (2016)Filming for the movie began in September in 2014 in London. The movie is to be released on April 15 in 2016.

Criminal (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: April 15, 2016 (USA)
Director: Ariel Vromen
Production company: Campbell-Grobman Films
Producers: Christa Campbell, Avi Lerner, Boaz Davidson, More
Screenplay: David Weisberg, Douglas S. Cook


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