Synopsis & Plot Summary of Colonia (2016):

People take risks of their lives for different reasons and mostly they do not even think over their life for a single second if it is about protecting the life of their near and dear ones. They could do anything to save the life of their dear people and those events turn in histories. Colonia is such a movie which has a similar theme and the events are shaped on the same way as it was intended to save the life of a man by a woman. The movie is a historical thriller film and is about the search of a woman to her man in a Nazi cult area. She was unaware about the issues of the Colonia Dignidad and mistakenly entered into the premise which caused her to get afraid. She did not get as afraid in her life as she got in the area while searching her boyfriend desperately. The movie plot has been adopted from a real life story and the couple is the result of the creative imagination of the scriptwriter. As a result, the movie has become a romantic thriller as well.

Colonia (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: April 15, 2016 (USA)
Director: Florian Gallenberger
Producer: Benjamin Herrmann
Screenplay: Florian Gallenberger, Torsten Wenzel
Music composed by: André Dziezuk, Fernando Velázquez


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