Synopsis & Plot Summary of Chalk n Duster (2016):

Teachers are the best persons to be respected but in the academic institutions, at times they are dishonored and ill treated. Sometimes they are not given the right respect as well for several reasons. Movies over the issue have not been made much so far but Chalk n Duster will be an impressive one regarding the case. This is an upcoming Bollywood drama movie that will make people thoughtful over the issue of teachers. The movie deals with the stories of two teachers at a school who are emotionally bonded with each other and the disastrous days begin when a new principal joins at the school. The new principal is villainous in nature and wants to exploit all the chances she gets in her favor to uphold her image to the school authority. As a result, she decides to fire the experienced employees and recruit fresh bloods in the school so that the expense could be saved. As a result one of the experienced teachers gets fired and she experiences a heart attack. The story moves on.

Bollywood Hindi Film – Chalk n Duster (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Bollywood movies are developing in the current days and the numbers of movies are more than the previous years. Most of the movies are made on quality plots and thus are enjoyable. Besides, the casts of the movies are also great and have been executing long careers in Bollywood. So, the movies become best of the bests (some of the movies). Sometimes, the plots are unique while some of the plots are picked from different sources or jumbled with the other plots to make the movies interesting.

Chalk N Duster (2015) Movie Poster

But there are some movies which are made on outstanding plots and though they are taken from external sources, they become box office hit for their movie making process. Movie making has many things to do with the plots. It has happened that the director has made a splendid movie based on a weak plot while some other movie makers or directors cannot make a good movie (literally a good movie) though they are given stronger plot and cast. Thereby, selection of the movies is a great thing for the audience as they are paying for the theatre hall tickets and the amount is notable.

Chalk n Duster is the upcoming movie that will take the audience back to their childhood days when they were in school. Usually the kids in school discuss about different issue over their teachers and make gossip. But not the audience will see the gossips on the screen and the events will be performed perfectly by two of the Bollywood super heroines – Shabana Azmi and Juhi Chawla. Both of them have rocked the Indian movie industry in their days and now are set to rock the industry again with their breathtaking performance on the movie Chalk n Duster.

Chalk N Duster (2015) Movie

The plot of the movie is outstanding. Shabana Azmi and Juhi Chawla will be playing the lead roles of teachers at a school. They will have a very emotional bonding between them and have to battle with the struggles of life. When a new and wicked principal enters into the school, changes start taking place. Most of the changes were unnecessary and the character of the principal is a kind of self centered. She seeks her own benefits from everywhere and as a result, she takes some destructive decisions.

When the principal decides to fire some experienced teachers from the school to sane the school money, the issue created a stir among the other teachers. Shabana Azmi got fired in this line and she suffers a heart attack. Besides, the principal also orders all the other teachers and employees to cut the relation with her. In such a situation, Juhi Chawla comes forward with a helping hand to Shabana Azmi.

Chalk n Duster (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: January 15, 2016
Director: Jayant Gilatar
Music composed by: Sandesh Shandilya
Genre: Drama film
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Entertainment


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