Synopsis & Plot Summary of Chalk n Duster (2016):

Teachers are the best persons to be respected but in the academic institutions, at times they are dishonored and ill treated. Sometimes they are not given the right respect as well for several reasons. Movies over the issue have not been made much so far but Chalk n Duster will be an impressive one regarding the case. This is an upcoming Bollywood drama movie that will make people thoughtful over the issue of teachers. The movie deals with the stories of two teachers at a school who are emotionally bonded with each other and the disastrous days begin when a new principal joins at the school. The new principal is villainous in nature and wants to exploit all the chances she gets in her favor to uphold her image to the school authority. As a result, she decides to fire the experienced employees and recruit fresh bloods in the school so that the expense could be saved. As a result one of the experienced teachers gets fired and she experiences a heart attack. The story moves on.

Chalk n Duster (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: January 15, 2016
Director: Jayant Gilatar
Music composed by: Sandesh Shandilya
Genre: Drama film
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Entertainment


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