Synopsis & Plot Summary of Bite (2016):

Generally people love to get scared and thus the horror movies are made with spices to make people feel thrilled. Sometimes they start believing that the movie events are real and they feel getting scared all the time. But it depends mostly on the plot. The movie plot of Bite is ordinary but it is able to make people frightened. The movie is about a bite from a mysterious insect which transforms a woman into a beast and she starts behaving like a beast. She needs human flesh to eat and she is able to change everything within a bite. The movie plot being an ordinary one it is able to make people feel thrilled once again. The events shown on the movie may happen with anyone and anytime. Usually when they go to some unknown places and if the places are located in jungle, the events may happen with them as well. The movie is outstanding with the simple plot and the movie makers are expecting something special with the movie after its release.

Hollywood Bite (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Review: Hollywood movies are considered as the best one in their respective genres only for the best making and movie plots. Besides, cast performance is also another important issue here. With the combination of all the three, the Hollywood movies become success and make a good business and profit for the movie makers and investors. Sometimes, the movie makers pick the simplest plot and make those the best one with their hard work and the investment of intelligence. A large number of movies are made here and accordingly there are different genres formed.

Bite (2016)

The most popular genres of Hollywood are action, comedy, drama, fantasy, adventure, biopic etc. But there are some other genres which have been dominating in the industry for a long time. Supernatural or horror movie is the genre that has been ruling over the other movies and some masterpieces over the genre have already been made so far. People usually go theatre to enjoy the movies and they really enjoy them. It is proven that the movies got different positive criticisms and feedbacks from different quarters.

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There are a large number of horror movies made in Hollywood but not each of them has gained success. Many of the movies have been rejected by the global audiences. It has happened as the movies did not have an attractive plot. Sometimes, the movie makers tried to push stories to the audiences which irritated the audiences most. So, the audiences left the movies and provided negative criticisms which caused the decline of the movies. But many of the horror movies are made with simple plots and they succeeded to gain a notable respect from the mass audiences.

The movie Bite is one of those movies which have been made with a simple movie plot. There are twists and climaxes in the movie plot. The audience may own the movie plot and they may also believe that such events may happen with them as well at any time. So, when the events will get attached with their own real or practical life, they will start providing a positive feedback for the movie. In a word, the movie makers will be able to engage the audiences with the movie plots which most of the movie makers cannot. So, it is expected that the movie will be one of the greatest horror movies of the year 2016.

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The movie plot is about a large bachelor party which takes place in a distant place. The participants at the party all come together and pass their days amid enjoyment until the bride is bitted by a mysterious animal. Initially it appeared that the bite is harmless but gradually she developed some symptoms which made the other participants worried. She transformed into a beast and she need human flesh to live on. She owns a different type of evil power and she can do anything with the bite.

The movie is written and directed by Chad Archibald. The locations used on the movie are outstanding and perfectly fits with the movie theme. It was a warehouse like building they started to live during the party and had different schedules to follow. But everything was destroyed for the bite. Naming of the movie is also an important hint to make people realize about the inner meaning of the movie.

The movie will be released on May 6 in 2016.

Bite (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: May 6, 2016 (USA)
Director: Chad Archibald
Screenplay: Jayme Laforest
Story by: Chad Archibald
Music composed by: Steph Copeland


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