Synopsis & Plot Summary of Ben-Hur (2016):

Relationship is the most important thing in the lives of human beings. In fact humans cannot live alone. So, they are to engage into different sorts of relationships. But when the people start ignoring the relations, it becomes difficult to survive and the thing is being happened since the ancient time. People adopt different falsified measures to entrap others and take benefits. The events of the movie – Ben-Hur is about the old thought of entrapping others and takes advantage of the issues. Judah Ben-Hur, a nobleman lives in Rome. He is entrapped by his childhood friend. The friend accuses him with the charge of assassination. Ben-Hur fails to prove the charges against him as false. So, he was convicted and was imprisoned. Despite being a nobleman, he was engaged in slavery. Everything ends. His slavery also ended after several years and now this is his turn to find out the traitor and take revenge. Ben-Hur invites his friend cum adoptive brother Messala who accused him of being an assassin. He invites him to take part in a chariot race. The race will determine who will be the winner. Before the race, some other events take place which changed the life of Ben-Hur. So, he is now determined to take the revenge in a different way so that the revenge becomes a history.

Hollywood Movie Ben-Hur (2016) Review & Storyline:

People turn treacherous at times when they have chances. They use their power and capacity to harm others. But in the long run, they are to be the sufferers for their misdeeds. They cannot get out of their crimes and the crimes bring their ruination to the fullest extent. So, when it is about plotting against someone, it should be remembered that the plotter may also fall victim of the same events by someone else. Nature has some of its revenges and those are taken in due time. But in most of the cases, people do not ponder over the issue and keep doing the plots against the others. When the natural revenges fall upon them, they cannot tolerate the severity and finally they become disappeared. The trend of plotting against the other has been going on from an ancient time and the issue has its impact on several arenas including the movie industries.

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Being a highly concerning issue, the movie makers of different nations have implied their sense of imagination to make movies over the issue. The movie makers have weaved stories for their plots and also they have taken steps to make the stories come true on celluloid tape. They made movies on the single issue and the movies became highly popular among the audiences. All types of people prefer enjoying such movies as they teach a great lesson to them. When such movies are made with a historical layer, the movies become more popular among the audiences and get ample rewards from different quarters. So, the movie makers are eager to make movies on such issues and Ben-Hur is a great example.

Ben-Hur (2016)

Ben-Hur is a historical movie based on some real and fictional events. The story is enriched with all the necessary elements to make a movie successful. The movie plot is splendid and the movie making is simply great. The movie makers have taken most of the shots at outdoor locations to make them perfect. The movie plot centers round the events of Ben-Hur and how he became the victim of a plot against him. The plot was made by his friend and adopted brother named – Messala. Messala wanted to remove Ben-Hur from his position and grab the properties and power from him. So, he sought the negative methods. He accused Ben-Hur for an assassination attempt. Though Ben-Hur did not attempt the assassination, he was unable to prove his innocence. As a result, he was declared guilty.

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Being declared as guilty, Ben-Hur was appointed as a slave and spent several years in slavery. He was made to do thing he never did before in his life. So, it was difficult for him to continue the slavery but he had no other alternatives until the slavery tenures ends. By this time, he underwent different experiences which changed the course of his life. He meets with Jesus of Nazareth and the meeting changed his thoughts and behaviors. Finally he got relieved from the slavery but his strong determination to take the revenge was with him. Thus he planned for a Strong revenge against Messala. But he was not mean-minded like him and planned for a chariot race. The winner will be able to get all the properties and valuables. The race begins.

The movie plot has been adopted from an 18th century novel named Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. The novel was originally written by Lew Wallace while the movie is composed by Keith Clarke and John Ridley jointly. The movie will be released on August 19 in 2016.

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Ben-Hur (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: August 12, 2016 (USA)
Director: Timur Bekmambetov
Story by: Lew Wallace
Music composed by: Marco Beltrami
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer


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