Synopsis & Plot Summary of Ant-Man (2015):

Ant-Man is the upcoming science fiction for the sci-fi lovers. The movie is about a super power that will be able to harm the world if not controlled in time. It is about a suit which helps to increase the strength but shrinks in scale by the same time. This is actually a superhero movie based on the character invented by Marvel Comics. The ant suit technology is invented by Dr. Hank Pym and it should be protected at any cost so that the evils cannot use it against the humanity. But a con man is involved into the process of protection for the suit. Now if the con man protects the suit invented by his mentor or abuses the suit’s ability is the considering fact.

Hollywood Film – Ant-Man (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Science Fiction lovers are getting ready to enjoy another super hero movie of Marvel Universe – Ant- Man. This is the movie that has been created from a comic character following the success of the super hero movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie is about the invention of a technology that will take humans ahead and increase their abilities to work more hard than ever before. But if the technology is stolen or abused – that will be the causes of the greatest damage and sufferings for them.

The earlier super hero movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have always won the best rewards and admiration from the audience. This has happened for the extra ordinary film making, using of special effects, casting and most importantly the plot of the movie. Regarding the Ant-Man, the twelfth installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everything is in order and particularly the plot of the movie is playing the most important role here. The plot and script of the movie is very strong and attractive.

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The story is about the invention of a technology that can be used easily for the betterment of the humanity. Applying the technology, Dr. Hank Pym invents a very special super hero suite. If someone wears the suit, the size of the figure shrinks and by the same time the physical strength increase incredibly. So, the invention should be kept secured and secret. But interestingly Dr. Pym informs his student Scott Lang- who is a con man by profession. The climax begins when Lang starts favoring his mentor by protecting the suit.

Ant-Man (2015)

The idea to make the film was developed in 2006 and the scripts underwent several drafts and finally the draft was selected from a couple of drafts in 2012. Different script writers have worked jointly to make a clear and attractive script. Filming of the Ant-Man began in August in 2014 and completed by December of the same year. Shooting for the movie was done in different parts of San Francisco and Metro Atlanta.

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The movie is directed by Peyton Reed and the script is jointly composed by Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, Adam McKay and Paul Rudd. The movie is starred by Judy Greer, with Hayley Atwell, Evangeline Lilly, Paul Rudd, Corey Stoll, Michael Douglas, Bobby Cannavale, John Slattery, Michael Peña, Abby Ryder Fortson, Wood Harris, Jordi Mollà and Lyndsi LaRose among others.

Ant Man, 2015 Movie Details:

Director: Peyton Reed
Produced by: Kevin Feige
Edited by: Dan Lebental, Colby Parker, Jr.
Writers: Adam McKay, Paul Rudd
Stars: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Peña, Judy Greer, Tip “T.I.” Harris, David Dastmalchian, Wood Harris, Jordi Mollà, Michael Douglas
Movie Type: Action | Sci-Fi
Music by: Christophe Beck
Country: USA,UK
Release Date: July 17, 2015 (USA)
Runtime: N/A
Filming Locations: USA
Production Company: Marvel Studios
Language: English
Budget: TBA


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